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Quality and Service

Throughout our eight decades of operation, General Color has helped countless customers take their products from inspiration to realization. Our Quality First Policy is the foundation for all production and services. Our experienced team visually and numerically measures all production of out-going orders, guaranteeing the best results for your products.

Competitive Colorant & Additive Portfolio

General Color has an expansive portfolio of colorants, additives and color design services that enable you to customize, enhance and maximize your goals. Our expertise extends to virtually all engineering resins including ABS, Polycarbonate, Styrene, PET, PVC, and Nylon and blended materials. General Color uses only prime resin as feedstock for all your concentrates.

Color Lab Team

We offer a diverse range of services delivered by our experienced and dedicated team members. From comprehensive lab testing to precise color formulating, our innovative approaches assist you at any stage of product development. Think of us as your one-stop supplier for your colorant solutions.

Lead Times & Partnering Services

General Color’s expandable infrastructure and flexibility provides a greater range of services, shorter lead times and impressive on-time delivery of 98% to keep you running on time. 

Our new systems and commitment to partnerships with industry leaders offers improved economics and product and equipment offerings.

General Color Chemical Co.

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