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Process Aids

Injection Mold & Metal Wipes

Quickly Removes Oils, Grease, Mold Releases, Inks, Adhesives and MORE


Individually packaged and Pre-Moistened Lint-Free Wipes

Completely Organic and Biodegradable

Powerful All-Natural Formula

Pleasant-Mild Fragrance
 Lint-Free Wipes for Precision Cleaning


MMW100-50 Mold and Metal Cleaning Solution is an all-natural powerful industrial cleaning solution produced from citrus extract and does not contain any Solvents, Water, Detergents, 111 Trichloroethane, or CFC’s. The use of MMW100-50 Mold and Metal Wipes reduces VOC’s emissions.

MMW100-50 Mold and Metal Wipes quickly remove oils, grease, mold releases, inks, glues, adhesives, stains on mold surfaces, cleans nozzles and screw tips.

Purge Packs

PurgePacks™ are individually packaged and pre-measured High Performance Purging Solutions. Designed specifically to Simplify the Purging Process and Reduce the Costs associated with the purging process- downtime, resin consumption and product economics.

  • Easy to Use and Operator Friendly
  • Supreme Purging Performance
  • Economical- Only a Small Amount is Required for an Effective Purge
  • No Mixing or Weighing
  • No Soaking or Temperature Requirements
  • FDA Compliant
  • Compatible with ALL Resins- Need to Inventory Multiple Grades
  • Reduces Purging Costs

PurgePacks™ High Performance Purging Solution

  • General Purpose Purging for Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extrusion.
  • Contain a High Performance Liquid Solution designed to attack the carbon build up and degraded polymer in the screw, barrel and hot runner systems.


PurgePacks™ +PLUS With Scrubbing Prills
Contain a High Performance Liquid Solution with Scrubbing Prills that scour the screw, barrel and hot runner systems with a proprietary mechanical Prill (Polymer-Glass-Ceramic Alloy). Compatible with ALL Thermoplastic Resins- PurgePacks™ +PLUS With Scrubbing Prills provides a fast, effective purge when changing resin, color, preventative maintenance or prior to pulling a screw.

PurgePacks™ XPRESS Cleansing Crystals

Our Most Versatile Purging Product. PurgePacks™ XPRESS Cleansing Crystals is a High Performance Purging Solution that consists of proprietary Crystals designed to remove the TOUGHEST carbon build up, degraded polymer or colorant. PurgePacks™ XPRESS Cleansing Crystals has no carrier and is 100% Active, containing proprietary Crystals that strip carbon build up, degraded polymer and color. Supreme Purging Performance for injection molding, blow molding and extrusion.


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