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Clients & Industries

A wide range of clients with one goal: quality

Our clients are diverse—ranging from plastic molders using rotational, injection, blow and extrusion processes, to manufacturers of adhesives and caulking—yet they all have one characteristic in common: they demand quality.

We are proud to partner with companies in many industries: Automotive, Appliance, Electronic, Medical, Toy, Consumer Product, Outdoor Furniture, Housewares, Packaging & Closures, Recreational, and Proprietary/OEM markets. We look forward to meeting the needs and challenges of your industry.

Sometimes our partners need products from our huge line of stock colors and sometimes the color must be customized to exacting standards. No problem! Sometimes a client knows exactly what is needed and other times options must be explored. In all possible scenarios, our service makes customers realize quickly that they have come to the right people.

Show us what you need and prepare to be amazed by our offerings, service and price!

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Perfect color, price, timing! When color counts, don't order your color through a website. Contact us with your needs and let our outstanding customer service find the right answers

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