General Color has an experienced team continuously developing additives that enhance your product and its performance. Additives are great tools to build your vision. We have exclusive technology using blowing agents, slip agents, UV light stabilizers, anti-stats, flame-retardants, nucleating agents, antioxidants, and anti-microbials. Our additive technology can be combined into one package with your color, making it the ultimate step in your production. Let us do the work in creating your best product.

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X-Series Stock Color

General Color’s X-Series Stock Color and Additive Concentrate options are the perfect choice when using the same color frequently with different resins. LEARN MORE >


General Color has a team of expansive experts continuously developing additives that enhance your product and its performance. LEARN MORE >

Liquid Color

General Color’s Liquid Color is formed using our trusted Total Systems Approach. We understand that the use of liquid color yields lower costs, ease of handling, and excellent color consistency. LEARN MORE >

Custom Compounding

Resin is crucial to consider in the color matching process, as it can adversely affect the final color. Compounds added are just as crucial to improving the characteristics of these base resins by introducing materials, through mixing and extrusion, that create the same pristine color under different extremes. LEARN MORE >

Dry Color Blends

Dry Color Blends are one of the most economical processes of coloring plastic materials used by rotation, injection, blow molders and extrusion molders. LEARN MORE >

Color Concentrates

Color Concentrates, solid color and additive masterbatches, have been the industry-wide, optimum practice for coloring polymers throughout the globe. LEARN MORE >

High Load Color Concentrates

If you are using sophisticated metering technology, General Color’s High Load Color Concentrates provides the convenience of conventional Color Concentrates in combination with the cost-efficiency of Dry Color. LEARN MORE >

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